Good Enough Isn't Anymore

The art of achieving results.


It takes tremendous effort and long reflection to transcend our shock-based news cycle. Doing so demands all the talent and resources we can muster. The work isn’t easy, cheap, fast or glamorous. Few genuine successes are.



We prize our reputation and take our profession very seriously. We do what we know, study what we don’t, and never feign expertise. If your need is beyond our realm, we refer you to one of our trusted colleagues in communication, consulting or online solutions.

That said, whether it’s us or another expert who does your work, our stringent quality standards and collaborative oversight always apply. The specialist consultants we know, use and highly recommend for other tasks are:


We make full use of apps and programs old and new. If something looks useful, we try it. If it is, we learn it. Here’s just a taste of what we’re using now:


We abide by the codes of conduct for the:

We do this (not least) because our founder (Clayton Jan) has met all study, training, examination and accreditation requirements for these organisations.


It’s been said that facts beat fiction, good readers make great writers and everyone needs an editor. To these ends, here are some of the ways we study, learn and connect:


In working for you, we focus on outcomes derived from exhaustive research and acute market intelligence. This approach optimises results when we produce your in-depth discussion paper, feature article, fact sheet or trend report.

These tasks aren’t quick or easy. But the tougher the challenge, the more we enjoy it (and the less chance other communicators will touch it). Some of our prized ‘big guns’ are:


Viewing this armoury has given you a glimpse of what our work involves. While these resources are available to anyone, using them without experience and training can range from useless to diabolical.

Decades of honing our approach have taught us that maintaining a brand, writing engaging speeches and producing materials that get noticed is more an art than a skill.

Yes, you can take these tools and ‘do-it-yourself’. But it’s easy to err. Dare you risk practising at your constituents’ expense?

The layer of excellence we apply may seem just a veneer. In truth, it’s the difference between something that may (not) work and a keystone investment for your organisation.

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