CLIENT: Andatech

TIME: 2015 -17

WORK: Strategic Plan, Discussion Paper, Articles, Infographics 


Life is change

Developing a repositioning strategy as a thought leader in a maturing market. As markets change, so do competitive landscapes. When enticing fields saturate, players must evolve to survive.

Shifting strategy from market awareness to reputation building required the leverage of each investment across all fields. We identified the situation, developed a program and enabled Andatech to ‘take the reins’ for continued success.

‘Our partnership has been very successful … and we are very grateful to have found such a gem. Clayton was reliable, timely and knowledgeable and the resources that he delivered were at superior quality … we were proud to have his work represent who we are.’
Irwandy Tan, Director

Step one


Andatech was finding it harder to make sales and meet budget. By researching the market and its technology, we discovered a shift from early devices (boosted by broadening uses) to a mature market alive to scientific innovations.

Step two


Advertising and promotion were no longer enough. So, we devised a plan to squeeze strong ROI from the marketing budget by leveraging ads into relationships, and relationships into ongoing sales and service.

Step three


We began with a discussion paper that made it onto the SA WorkSafe library. From there, strong downloads and high-level discussions helped launch a new way of thinking.

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